Stories from the Heart III, the third national women's memoir conference of the Story Circle Network, will bring together women from around the country to celebrate the stories of women's lives. Through writing, reading, listening and learning, we will share our stories and enrich our lives.

The Conference will be held at the Red Lion Hotel in Austin, TX, from February 3-5, 2006. Read all about it on our Conference web page:

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*Scholarship applicants may extend Early Registration to January 2, 2006 by which time they will have been notified.

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Refund Policy: Cancellations are accepted until January 10, 2006, and are subject to a cancellation fee of $50 for a full conference registration or $10 for a one-day registration. There is no refund for Friday's lecture/reception.

If you want to apply for a scholarship, please click here. Otherwise, you may press the "Register" button now.

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"Sisters Helping Sisters" Scholarships:

If you are a member of SCN and have an annual family income of $50,000 or less, you may apply for a scholarship. These will be awarded in amounts ranging from $75 to the full conference cost, depending on need and the availability of funds. Additionally, we may be able to assist with travel/lodging (but we can't confirm the availability of travel/lodging money until January, 2006). If you would like to apply for a scholarship, please answer the following questions.

Scholarships will be based on perceived need, the thoughtfulness of your response, and your interest in sharing what you learn in your community (for example, by starting a writing circle or developing other women's story-sharing activities). Our desire is to encourage the attendance of a diverse group of women who want to share their stories and help other women enjoy the benefits of women's story-telling and story-sharing.

Scholarship Application deadline: December 15, 2005
If you request a subsidy, you must pay a $75 deposit towards your conference fees. If you receive a subsidy, you will then pay the remaining fee (the $195 full conference fee, minus the subsidy, minus your $75 deposit). This amount must be paid by January 10, 2006. If you do not receive an award your deposit will be returned or applied to your full registration.

We ask that those who receive subsidies help out during the conference by working in a volunteer capacity; our volunteer coordinator will contact the recipients to assign them a shift/job.

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One of the objectives of Stories from the Heart III is to return to our communities and share our discoveries with others. In approximately 200 words, explain how you will help the Story Circle Network achieve this objective.

As a Sisters Helping Sisters recipient, will you agree to share your follow up experiences? Yes / No

Thank you for your scholarship application. We will notify all applicants by December 31, 2005.

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