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Works of Heart Marketplace

  • Story Circle Network. PO Box 500127, Austin TX 78750, 512-454-9833, Proceeds from all sales go to the Story Circle Network. Discoveries (a blank journal especially for women); Your Life, Your Story: A Book to Help You Capture Your Memories (a memoir guide for women 60+); With Courage and Common Sense: Memoirs from the Older Women's Legacy Circles; Story Circle tee-shirts; A Word from the Heart notecards.

  • Susan Wittig Albert: Writing From Life: Telling the Soul's Story, books from the China Bayles Herbal Mystery series, Robin Paige Victorian series, and Cottage Tales of Beatrix Potter series. All proceeds go to benefit the Story Circle Network.

  • Jill Bartel (Desert Lightning): beaded jewelry (bracelets, earrings, necklaces, pins); decorated journals; trinket/jewelry boxes; magnets; handmade cards

  • Glenys Carl: Hold My Hand: A Mother's Journey
    Glenys Carl's life changed for ever with one phone call saying that her son Scott, who was halfway round the world in Australia, had suffered a traumatic head injury and was not expected to live. It was the start of a remarkable journey for Glenys - and for Scott, who survived with his personality intact but could only move one arm. In this inspirational book Glenys describes her fight to rehabilitate Scott after the doctors advised that no more could be done to help his mobility and he should be put in a home. Glenys was determined she would look after Scott herself and teach him to walk again. Alone in Sydney, she put leaflets out asking for help. Complete strangers turned up at her door, a flood of volunteers, all giving their time to Scott, inspired by his unquenchable spirit. When they moved to London the same thing happened as volunteers helped with Scott's therapy until he was able to take his first difficult steps. Along the way Glenys learned to trust her instincts as a mother, to treasure each moment with her son and to accept her situation without bitterness, even when tragedy struck again. Scott's courage and his mother's determination to give him the best possible life.

  • Charlene Geiss: Inner Outings: The Diarist's Deck of 33 Cards and Book of Exploration
    Our lives are filled with remarkable events and stories, with people and places and memories, with words and bits of song and snatches of art. We've all thought about how interesting our journeys would be, if only we had the ability to record them. The Inner Outings Method enables you to bring your inner thoughts to paper. It can help you chronicle milestones and keep track of the characters and plots that flow around you each and every day.

  • Christine Gilbert: Handmade painted & varnished paper boxes; small matted watercolor & acrylic paintings; deerskin totem bags

  • Liz Hamel (Liz Hamel Bookbinding):
    I believe that each person's unique story is a journey, a road filled with remarkable experiences and soul-defining moments. For more than ten years, I have meticulously handcrafted journals, memoirs, diaries and albums to hold these precious memories forever.

    Each of my pieces is lovingly designed to nestle dreams in the finest Japanese silk, to adorn poetry with hand-deckled papers, to embrace emotion in supple suede, to wrap personal triumph in delicate ribbons.

  • Sallie Hampton (One of a Kind Blank Books):
    The books that I have been selling for 3.5 years are made from acid-free lokta paper and are unlined. I use books in a variety of sizes, styles and colors. The prices range from $22.0 to $60.00.

    In order to make these books my own, I embellish them with collage on the front covers. Authentic ephemera is used and nothing that is sold specially packaged for collage. Surprices are tucked inside the books. There is always a handmade collaged card with a quote slipped into an envelope made from 2 pages. A pressed flower or leaf will be found in each book as well.

  • Linda Jones (Jabundany): Small individually hand-painted treasure boxes with delightful and inspiring story inside. Also, some hand-knit scarves.

  • Elsa McKeithan (Talking Stones Publishing): Writing the Stories of Your Life: How to Turn Memories Into Memoir
    Writing the Stories of Your Life: How to Turn Memories Into Memoir provides a comprehensive, practical introduction to writing memoir (in many forms) from one's life experience. It is also conversational, warm and encouraging, a book for Everywoman.

  • Rita Mills (The Book Connection):
    The Book Connection is in its 8th year of packaging book projects for independent & small presses. I work with 30+ freelancers who do all types of editing, graphic design, marketing, etc. to produce a successful book publishing project.

  • Nan Phifer: Memoirs of the Soul: Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography
    Memoirs of the Soul: Writing Your Spiritual Autobiography is a guide to writing about one's inner life. It instructs writers in how to prepare a polished manuscript, as well as evoking introspective writing.

  • Mindy Reed (The Authors' Assistant / Memories Publishing):
    Provides assistance to writers to get their memoirs published.

  • Terry Sherrell (Morgan Printing):
    Promotional materials for Morgan Printing will be displayed, along with sample books. The books of our clients who are Story circle Members will be available for purchase.

  • Natalie Tischler (Ornamental Things): Quality handcrafted jewelry incorporating new and vintage pieces.