Date: February 24, 2015
Media Contact: Susan Albert
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Story Circle Network Announces Sarton Memoir Award

(Austin, TX. February 24, 2015)—The Story Circle Network (SCN) is pleased to announce that Yelizaveta P. Renfro has won the Sarton Memoir Award for her book Xylotheque: Essays (University of New Mexico Press, 2014). The book combines memoir, nature writing, and photography in nine essays that represent different seasons of a life. The word "Xylotheque" may be defined, simply, as a collection of wood. In Renfro's memoir, it becomes an inquiry into personal history, the cycles of change, and growth in several dimensions.


In addition, two finalists were named:

The Sarton Women's Memoir Award is named for May Sarton, distinguished American memoirist, poet, and novelist and is offered annually by the Story Circle Network, an international nonprofit association of women life-writers. For information about the expanded 2014-2015 award cycle (which includes women's contemporary and historical fiction, as well as memoir), visit SCN's website at

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