About the Story Circle Board of Directors

The Story Circle Network is governed by a volunteer board of directors that meets via teleconference and email four times a year. An active, working board with an international membership, it is committed to the Story Circle mission and responsible for the Network's management and planning. Service on our board offers each member an opportunity to use and develop her teamwork skills and find new ways of learning and growing as contributing members of our women's writing community. Board members serve a variable term, are expected to volunteer for board workgroups and SCN program activities, and must have access to email.

If you are interested in serving on our board, you'll find more information here (SCN dues-paying members only).

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2018 Board of Directors:

Albert, Susan Wittig
Susan is SCN's founder and current (2015-2017) board president. She has presented at conferences, LifeLines, and Writing From Life events; taught in the online class program; and volunteers as the coordinator of StoryCircleBookReviews and the Sarton Award Program. She is also a facilitator in the WorkInProgress Roundtable and coordinates the Austin Reading Circle. She writes mysteries, historical fiction, memoir, and nonfiction; her work is traditionally published and published by her own imprint, Persevero Press. Visit her blog & her website.

Appleby, Penny
Penny is a retired IBMer living in Austin, Texas, for the second time. She enjoys being a docent for the Austin Contemporary Museum, teaching in an ESL program, and attending continuing education classes at the University of Texas. Cooking, reading and traveling are among her favorite pastimes. Since 1997, she has been a member and strong supporter of the Austin Area Reading Circle.

Bean, Pat
Pat Bean is a retired journalist who is passionate about nature, books, art and writing. A native Texan, and longtime Utah resident, she spent nine years traveling this country in an RV. She now lives in Tucson with her canine companion Pepper. Her book, Travels with Maggie, was published in September, 2017. Pat is a staff writer for the Story Circle Journal, is the co-mom of the Writer2Writer Roundtable, and manages SCN's tweets. Visit her blog.

Boatright, Joyce
Joyce Boatright is a college professor who joined SCN in 2004 after "discovering" the organization online. She served on the SCN Board from 2007-2011 and recently rejoined the Board as the organization's Program Chair. She is a volunteer OWL circle facilitator at Lone Star College in Houston, TX; a Sarton Award juror; a past presenter at SCN national conferences and Writing from Life workshops; and co-creator (in partnership with Pat LaPointe) of the Weekend Writers' Toolkit. She is a writer, retreat facilitator and storyteller. Visit her website.

Dalglish, Sonja
Online Circles Coordinator
Sonja is a native Texan who discovered Story Circle Network in 2009 at a women's retreat in workshop led by an SCN board member. She is an active participant in the e-circles, leading the reading e-circle in 2016. She has attended two SCN conferences, and has benefitted from several SCN online courses. She has been a research scientist, hospice chaplain, spiritual director, and is presently serving as an interim pastor. She splits her time between two locations, the work location and her home in central Texas. She's part of a reading group in Kingsville that grew out of the university there. She loves mysteries, puzzles, reading, and flowers. As part of her pastoral work, she writes weekly sermons and a monthly column. You can find her somewhat neglected blog here.

Doig, Mary Jo
Mary Jo Doig is a retired human services professional who joined SCN in 2001. She joined two online writing circles, and then found multiple opportunities to serve SCN over the years. Among them are: reviewer and editor for the book review site, Sarton judge, True Words editor for 13 years, facilitator of w-ecircle 7 for several years, and more. She believes deeply in SCN's mission and is dedicated to continued growth and strengthening of our amazing organization. She is near completion of her long-worked-on memoir, Stitching a Patchwork Life. Visit her blog.

Fountain, Peggy
Executive Director
Peggy Fountain is SCN's Executive Director and webmaster. She is an avid photographer, knitter, & reader who lives in Estes Park, CO. She has been an SCN member since its founding, and is responsible for creating and maintaining its Internet activities. At SCN, we call her She-Without-Whom-Nothing-Happens.

Guy, Jeanne
Jeanne has been a board member since 2009 and is the 2016 Conference Co-chair. She has presented at conferences and Writing from Life events, is a member of the Austin Reading Circle, and a Sarton Awards judge. Jeanne is an author, speaker and self-awareness writing workshop facilitator and offers monthly "Re-story Circles" through her business, Jeanne Guy Gatherings. She is an avid walker, a slow reader and writes a sometimes irreverent blog. Visit her website and blog.

LaTorre, Shawn
Shawn, a star book reviewer for Story Circle Network and a member of a local Story Circle book group, retired from secondary education a few years ago. She spends summers sailing the Great Lakes aboard HMS Juicy Fruit and the other nine months in Austin mentoring, volunteering for a local food pantry, quilting, and spinning tales. You can visit her blog at CeruleanSeasons.com or follow her educational re-tweets as MizLaTee on Twitter, or see some of her quilts as MizLaTee on Instagram.

Leatherwood, Helen
Online Classes Coordinator

Lynn, Teresa
Teresa has a background in journalism and education & has volunteered with many organizations including the Former Texas Rangers Foundation and the Laura Ingalls Wilder Legacy and Research Association.

Rourke, Kali
Kali is a retired Mortgage Banker and Escrow Officer who is now a full-time volunteer and philanthropist in Austin, Texas. She is a Mentor through the Seedling Foundation program for schoolchildren challenged by parental incarceration and is a Mentor to young women who are starting out in their careers through the Young Women's Alliance Connect program. She is a long-time member of Impact Austin and edits the organization blog, and is a board member of BookSpring, which makes children's literacy its mission. Kali is a professional vocalist, on-air and voiceover talent, and enjoys helping to create public service announcements for nonprofits she works with in Austin. She writes about the parallels between parenting and management, mentoring, personal stories, and living with burning mouth syndrome in her blogs: Kali's Musings and A Burning Journey.

Schoch, Susan
Anthology Editor
Susan Schoch has been a freelance writer and editor for nearly 30 years. She specializes in memoir and biography, including The Clay Connection: Jim and Nan McKinnell, available on Amazon. A member of Story Circle Network since 2002, Susan joined the Board of Directors in 2016 as chair of the Publications Workgroup. She is a frequent reviewer and editor at Story Circle Book Reviews. She also serves as a juror for the Sarton Awards. Susan shares SCN's commitment to women's growth through the empowering focus of writing and recognizing women's stories.

Virgil, Jo
Jo Virgil has been a Story Circle Network member for many years and recently accepted a position on the SCN Board (Publication and Program member) and to serve as editor for True Words. Jo has a Master's Degree in Journalism and has worked as a reporter, as a writing workshop teacher, as Community Relations Manager for Barnes & Noble, and as Community Outreach Coordinator for the Texas Governor's Committee on People with Disabilities. Writing and sharing stories are her passion.

Whelley, Jude
Jude has been in love with Story Circle Network for over a decade. With Becca Taylor she coedited True Words From Real Women in 2008 and coproduced the Story Circle Podcasts. Her writing has appeared in Kitchen Table Stories, several anthologies and several SCN quarterly Journals. She has presented at Stories From the Heart and for two years chaired the Silent Auction there. She has contributed blogs to One Woman's Day and HerStories, occasionally reviews for Story Circle Book Reviews, and has participated in judging for the Susan Wittig Albert LifeWriting Competition and the Sarton Award. She received the Star Blogger of the Year award for her blog Sensuously Sixty. Her current blog is Writing Now. Her current work includes her memoir, Love Starved, and a novel.

Wittig, Robin
Journal Editor
Robin is the editor of the SCN Journal and Senior Director of Community Programs at Pikes Peak YMCA. She lives in Woodland Park, CO. In addition to her work with the Journal, Robin does the layout for the annual anthology, Real Women Write, and creates the print program for "Stories From the Heart."

Yost, Paula Stallings
Paula is a former and current board member. She has presented at conferences and Writing From Life events, taught in the online class program; served as co-editor of a couple of Story Circle anthologies; and volunteers as the coordinator of the Sarton Award Program and current editor for StoryCircleBookReviews. She also is a personal historian who helps families and individuals write and publish their life stories. Visit her website.

Need more information? Contact us via email: storycircle at storycircle.org or phone: n/a or write to: Story Circle Network, 723 W University Ave #300-234, Georgetown TX 78626