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SCN offers four types and several levels of membership. For membership benefits, click on the links.

  1. National SCN Membership with print publications: U.S.: $65 (Canada & Mexico: $85, elsewhere: $90)

  2. National SCN Membership with online publications: Worldwide: $55

    • Friend: $90
    • Donor: $125
    • Supporter: $150
    • Contributor: $200
    • Sustainer: $250
    • Patron: $325
    • Benefactor: $400+

    Publications: 4 quarterly Journals, 1 annual Anthology [members receive 1 copy of each publication]

  3. Membership in our Circles Program writing or reading eCircle: $20

  4. Professional Membership:
    • Level 1 ($99): Listing in online Professional Directory for 12 months; listing in 4 issues of the SCN Journal
    • Level 2 ($129): Level 1 benefits, plus 1 ad on StoryCircleBookReviews website for 12 months
    • Level 3 ($159): Level 2 benefits, plus 1 ad on StoryCircle website for 12 months
    • Level 4 ($189): Level 3 benefits, plus 1 ad on StoryCircleOnlineClasses website for 12 months

    Already a dues-paying member but want to upgrade to a professional membership? go here...

  5. Organizational Membership: $125

For more information about SCN, see our brochure page to download a brochure.

To give someone a gift membership in the Story Circle Network &/or the Internet Chapter, fill out the form below and press the "Add to Cart" button. You will see payment details (including payment by check) when you check out. [If you would like to give a 2- or 3-year membership, you may do so on the following form (just change the "quantity").]

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Note: if you would like to give a 2- or 3-year membership, you may do so on the following form (just change the "quantity").


  • Create a Gift Membership Card to print/mail or email to your recipient
  • If you are "gifting" the Internet Chapter, a User Name and Password will be set up and emailed to you, along with instructions on how to access the password-protected internet chapter web site, after we receive your payment.
  • Be sure and ask your recipient to add , , and , to her spam filter so that she can receive our emails.

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