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Your annual membership begins on the day we receive your payment and expires the following calendar year, at the end of the quarter in which you joined. For example, if you join in August (the third quarter [July-Sept] of the year), your membership expires at the end of September (end of the third quarter) of the following year.

  1. National SCN Membership with print publications: U.S.: $65 (Canada & Mexico: $85, elsewhere: $90)

  2. National SCN Membership with online publications: Worldwide: $55

    • Friend: $90
    • Donor: $125
    • Supporter: $150
    • Contributor: $200
    • Sustainer: $250
    • Patron: $325
    • Benefactor: $400+

    Publications: 4 quarterly Journals, 1 annual Anthology [members receive 1 copy of each publication]

  3. Membership in our Circles Program writing or reading eCircle: $20

  4. Professional Membership:
    • Level 1 ($99): Listing in online Professional Directory for 12 months; listing in 4 issues of the SCN Journal
    • Level 2 ($129): Level 1 benefits, plus 1 ad on StoryCircleBookReviews website for 12 months
    • Level 3 ($159): Level 2 benefits, plus 1 ad on StoryCircle website for 12 months
    • Level 4 ($189): Level 3 benefits, plus 1 ad on StoryCircleOnlineClasses website for 12 months

    Already a dues-paying member but want to upgrade to a professional membership? go here...

  5. Organizational Membership: $125

For more information about SCN, see our brochure page to download a brochure.

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