Starting Points:
A Year of Writing Prompts
for Women with Stories to Tell

Starting Points

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From the introduction:
Some Thoughts on Writing

I've spent most of my professional life as a writer and a writing teacher, and one of the questions I am most often asked is a very simple one: What prompts you to write?

But just because the question is simple, doesn't mean it's easy to answer!

What prompts me to write is the same thing that prompts every writer. It's the creative spirit that lives within all humans, pushing us, urging us to tell a story, craft an essay, write a play or a poem. Or, if we work in other media, to paint a picture, produce a film, choreograph a dance, compose a piece of music, design a building, sculpt a statue. It often seems as if humans' creative urgencies are boundless, doesn't it?

But as a teacher of writing—and a writer myself—I know that our creative spirits can often use a little bit of prompting. Sometimes, we need a little nudge to get started, to get the ideas flowing, to ignite that creative spark we know is there. And so, for many years, I offered a series of weekly prompts to writers who belong to the Story Circle Network, the women's lifewriting organization I founded in 1997. The series, still on-going, is called "Women's Wise Words." It is based on the wonderful words of women who have been there and done that and are willing to share their hard-earned wisdom with the rest of us.

Now, I would like to share these "starting points" with you, in this collection of fifty-two of my favorite quotations from wise women, accompanied by some of my own thoughts inspired by those wise words, and some questions for you—enough rich material to keep you going in at least five writing sessions. I've chosen the one-prompt-a-week format (rather than a daily prompt) because I believe it results in longer and deeper thoughts, as you explore the question or issue from different directions during your daily writing sessions. Each of the weekly quotations gives you a starting point from which to write, encourages you to range freely from that starting point, and urges you to write every day, even if only for a few minutes...

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